Optimized adhesion of digital print on sprayers

One of Eastern Europe’s largest producers of quality sprayers in credit card format with a range of no-mosquito, antibacterial, sun care, and much more has long been challenged with poor adhesion of digital print to polypropylene (PP) sprayers.

The main disadvantage of using PP is its low surface energy. If you currently use PP or have in the past you have already experienced the challenges low surface energy. It is impossible to achieve durable high-quality print on these surfaces. The combination of PP and digital ink jet require a much higher surface energy than found on PP without surface treatment.

Surface treatment with Plasma or Corona modifies the chemical structure in the surface of plastic materials and improves surface tension. The effect is a uniform surface, better adhesion, and wettability properties. This process results in a higher quality and more durable print.

The manufacturer chose to invest in a RotoTEC-X corona treater from Tantec. The RotoTEC-X has top and bottom electrodes, therefore both sides are surface treated uniformly at the same time. The RotoTEC-X corona treater operates with a patented rotating electrode, this is what creates the uniform surface treatment of parts.

The custom-designed RotoTEC-X was designed according to the customer’s requirements for their production line.

“We had major challenges with the adhesion of the digital print to our sprayers and we were looking for a collaborator who could guide us to the right solution. After thorough research, we found that Tantec should deliver a Corona treater to us, “says the Sales Manager from the company, who, in addition to being pleased with Tantec as a collaborator, also can report better production efficiency.

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