During these challenging times of travel restrictions around the world, it has become difficult to hold FAT’s (Factory Acceptance Test) of plasma and corona equipment at Tantec’s factory.

Tantec has invested in equipment with several cameras mounted on a portable device that can be moved around to provide full visual access to the machines we build.

FAT’s (Factory Acceptance Test) are an important part of our production and qualification process. Normally our customers visit us to oversee the test themselves. Since this has become very hard to do coordinate, we are doing remote FAT’s to maintain our high-quality standards and ensure that the customer’s project is on track.

The online FAT process has been a great success and our customers have had great experiences with Tantec through this process.

On-time FAT completion – Stay on time and track with your project

Saves on travel costs, eliminates lost travel time

Global participation – Allows more of your experienced team members to participate and talk with our experts LIVE

Increase staff presence – Maximizes the time that your employees have in your facility