It’s been a long process but we’ve done it! We’ve changed our logo! If you are asking why, we’ve got some reasons we are addressing today. We are happy to finally showcase it and will slowly start to adopt it over time.

Tantec new logoWe are moving forward.
That is – in our services, management and mentality. That is why we have integrated the arrow into our logo. We continue to develop products, employees and our thinking is constantly moving forward.

tantec logo arrow

Respect for the past
We have not changed the name or the form in the logo, because Tantec has been one of the leading manufacturers for the plasma and corona segment since 1974. We have deep respect for our story and those who started Tantec. At Tantec we look forward to our innovative approach to things, but we also remember to honor in the past.

Tantec 01

Tantec 03 logo

Tantec new logo web

The colour

Why did we choose the violet color? Because one of our strengths is Vacuum Plasma technology. In the late 1990s, our development department started focusing on the development of vacuum plasma technology, and since then we have been the most innovative in the market.

Vacuum plasma web

It aims to reflect our positive, fresh approach, professionalism and experience as well as give us a recognizable and attractive corporate look.

We are delighted with our new brand and hope you like it too.